Wheatcroft Beds

Beautifully designed beds, showing British manufacturing at it’s finest.

We have 5 Wheatcroft beds on the shop floor to safely try, before you buy, and you won’t be disappointed. They all have an amazing suppportive edge so you don’t feel like you’re falling, or rolling out. Add a 5 year guarantee to this & you will be snug as a bug on your new mattress.

Knightsbridge 1000

1000 individual pocket springs with lovely deep layers of natural toppings of wool, silk, cashmere & cotton across a pressure relieving flat surface so as not to aggravate pressure points. This is a medium mattress, non-turn, rotate only.

Grafton 1500

1500 individual pocket springs with a sumptuous, deep layer of pressure relieving, cooling blue memory foam. This is a medium mattress, non-turn, rotate only.

Ice Gel Pocket 2000

2000 individual pocket springs with a cooling & pressure relieving foam, plus a cooling outer fabric for those who are more susceptible to over heating in bed at night. A medium to firm tension on the spring to add to the overall comfort. Non-turn, rotate only.

Canterbury 1000

“The sky’s the limit”………. Sensafloat’s mattress technology enables an even distribution of weight to give a feeling of weightlessness. A perfect balance of softness & support to enhance th sensation that you are floating in the air. Enjoy the relaxing feel of memory foam without the heat retention which can make the bed too warm. Non-turn, rotate only.

Viscount 2000

2000 individual pocket springs with a firmer feel, incorporating lovely pressure relieving man made toppings & encapsulated for that firmer edge to edge support. Finished in a soft knitted fabric providing the ultimate sleep. Non turn, rotate only.